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Even today, nearly a billion people are plunged into darkness when night falls.  In Nigeria, electrical power supply is inefficient. Several homes and businesses are not connected to the grid.  As a result, alternative sources of energy is relied upon for lighting, phone charge and power to appliances in the home or businesses.  These alternative sources are sometimes expensive, and, unsafe. 

On 2nd September 2013, AWANGO solar lamps were officially launched in Nigeria. In line with the TotalEnergies Access to Energy (TATE)’s ambition AWANGO solar lamps was geared to provide clean solar energy to the public.

As a result of our experience in the solar lamps space, Total Access to Energy ventured into the manufacture and sales of its own solar lamps, hence the SUNSHINE range of solar lamps was born in 2018.



Amongst several achievements, is the direct supply of 12,135 Total Solar lamps to an IDP camp in Maiduguri in 3rd quarter 2016; purchase of 4,730 lamps by OXFAM, to be for an IDP camp in Maiduguri in 2017, as well as 3,000 lamps supplied to the International Red Cross Society in Jos in 2018. In addition, there have been several numerous indirect supplies through resellers.

Our mission is to design, develop and make available responsible, clean and affordable energy solutions that are accessible to as many people as possible. 


Why Solar Lamps

  • Reduced pollution thereby improving health (fumes from generators/ other lamps)
  • Promotes education
  • Free energy
  • Reduction in energy cost
  • No electric shocks
  • No fire outbreak
  • Maintenance free

Benefits of TotalEnergies Solar Lamps


2 Years Warranty


Cost Effective


Robust and Light




Lighting + Mobile Phone Charging


Quick Charge



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