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The world has gotten more dynamic and is moving at a very fast pace with changing economies and ways of life. Energy and Health are very important parameters to consider during this transition hence our introduction of a reliable, economical, mobile, safe, durable and versatile partner to energize your home or business.

In line with TotalEnergies Group’s ambition to be the responsible energy major, Total solar lamps are geared towards providing clean, reliable and affordable solar energy solutions to the public. 

the gains

  • Reduction of CO2 Pollution from generators, kerosene lamps and candles thereby improving the health of its users.
  • Promotion of education by giving a cleaner alternative to kerosene lamps and candles.
  • Reduction in cost of energy
  • Reduction in domestic hazards such as fires
  • A source of income through reselling and distributorship of the solar lamps


Still in doubt, let’s play a game:


Candle Light
  • Cost of candles per day is ₦50.00.
  • This adds up to a monthly cost of ₦1,500.00
  • Annual cost of ₦18,000.00
  • Five years cost of ₦90,000
  • That’s huge in our opinion.  You can save as much as N87,000.00 with a Total solar lamp.





  • Cost of Kerosene consumed per day is about N35.00 worth depending on the size of kerosene lantern used.
  • This adds up to a monthly cost of ₦1,050.00
  • Annual cost of ₦12,600.00
  • Five years cost of ₦63,000.00
  • You can save as much as N61,000.00 by using a Total solar lamp.


No need to spend N90,000.00 when you can get the same benefit of light for as low N2,300.00 with a Total solar lamp.  Remember that Total solar lamps last for 5 years and come with a 2-year warranty.

Benefits of TotalEnergies Solar Lamps


2 Years Warranty


Cost Effective


Robust and Light




Lighting + Mobile Phone Charging


Quick Charge



Get a Total solar lamp from certified distributors or fromany TotalEnergies service station near you.





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