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HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality)

Our commitment to safety

Total Nigeria Plc is committed to the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality in its operations. This commitment is to the prevention of accidents to personnel and property, damage to the environment, product contamination, delayed deliveries, under deliveries in compliance with Statutory legislation and the Group's Health, Safety, Environment and Quality charters.


Total Nigeria's HSEQ Policy

Our HSEQ Policy is the foundation and driving force for the entire safety program. Total Nigeria's commitment to ensure health and safety of people, protection of the environment and quality delivery of our products is clearly stated in our HSEQ policy commitment.


Adoption of ISSSRS For Its Safety Management System (SMS)

Total Nigeria Plc has adopted the International Small Site Safety Rating System (ISSSRS) for its safety management system.  The ISSSRS is employed to measure the performance of the safety management system. The implementation of the ISSSRS has been successful. This success is evident in the safety performance records at certified sites, the growing number of certified sites implementing the program, and the commendable performance in the periodic DNV (Det Norske Veritas) audits. In Total Nigeria Plc the first deployment of the ISSSRS was at Apapa terminal in 2003 and the first baseline audit was carried out by DNV auditor in November 2004. The terminal was rated level 3 on a scale of 0 to 4, where 4 represents the highest level. This achievement was well beyond the initial target of level 2 towards which all actions had been geared at this initial stage. The company has made remarkable progress since then, achieving level 3 for Ibafon depot and Koko Plant in 2007. Recertification audits have since followed and in 2008, Apapa was rated level 4, while Ibafon and Koko maintained their level 3.

Other depots and facilities which have been audited by DNV include: the Joint Users Hydrant Installation (JUHI), which became certified at level 3 in 2005, then level 4 in 2008; the Joint Aviation Depot (JAD), Abuja which has been rated level 3 in its baseline audit in 2008 and Joint Aviation Depot (JAD), Port Harcourt which made a new entry to the ISSSRS program in 2011 and was rated level 2. The company now has six of her sites that are ISSSRS-certified and is closer to the target of adopting the ISSSRS for all its major facilities.


Environmental Impact Reduction

In 2012, our Lagos Plant and Apapa depot were certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard making Total Nigeria Plc the first and only company in the downstream Oil sector in Nigeria to obtain such certification. As a demonstration of Total Nigeria Plc's commitment to environmental stewardship and the attainment of our sustainable development objectives, the scope of ISO 14001: 2004 certification will be expanded to cover more sites and facilities.


Contractors Monitoring

Total Nigeria Plc is committed to safety and environmental protection in its workplace as such TotalEnergies expects contractors working on our sites to perform to the same high safety and environmental protection standards required of Total Nigeria employees.  Contractors' employee accounts for at least 60% of the total man-hours worked. To ensure that contractors are qualified for the work they are to perform and work to prevent accidents, the controls in place includes careful contractor's selection, analysis of information supplied in bidding process, contractor appraisals, risk assessments/analysis of the job, joint prevention plan, supervision and monitoring of contractors when working onsite, planned inspection of project site, weekly reports from project engineer, assessments and feedback.  Also a CONTRACTOR SAFETY POLICY has been deployed as part of the process to improve contractors' safety performance and ensure continuous improvement.


Safety Performance Indicators

The priority focus of Total Nigeria Plc is to reduce all categories of incidents using direct and indirect promotional approach such as safety awareness, road safety campaign, training, deployment of procedures, development of safety information program (Safety Handbook), inspections and tours, and the evaluation of safety performance on a regular basis. 


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