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Healthy, tasty and delicious meals while on the move.

At Café Bonjour, we offer a range of healthy and delightful meals and drinks so you can stay satisfied while on the go.

Café Bonjour is your local French-styled café that offers a range of quality pastries, cakes, and signature sandwiches to enjoy either at the Café or on the road. It serves as ideal meeting places with officemates or family members where you can enjoy Café Bonjour’s espresso blended coffee, unique smoothies, and snacks in a cozy, warm ambience.

Café Bonjour has been committed to providing value and freshness since 1998.


Stop at Café Bonjour when you need to rest for a minute or two.


Grab a snack and a drink before you head out.


It’s time to play. Remember to have fun while at it.

Welcome to Café Bonjour!

Café Bonjour is your local French-styled café that offers a variety of tasty, healthy and
delicious pastries, food, sandwiches and drinks to enjoy either at the Café or while you are on the road.
With a welcoming and warm ambience that greets you at the door, this is the perfect spot to work,
play or spend quality time with your loved ones.

Our Menu

Café Bonjour’s variety of meals is created to suit your active lifestyle while moving from one destination to the next.

Bonjour Cafe - Menu

Visit us here

Give us a visit at any of our locations.

Bonjour Cafe - Locations

If you can’t find your city here, stay tuned because we will be coming there soon.


Why Café Bonjour?


Healthier and tastier

We offer healthy and delicious food, snack and drink options. Be sure to stop at Café Bonjour
for a taste of our mouth-watering meals before you head back on the road.


Convenience while on the move

You can stop for pastries, sandwiches and even drinks while on the move or while refuelling your car.
What’s more convenient than that? Experience convenience on
the go at Café Bonjour.



Café Bonjour is designed with a responsible energy approach, limiting waste and adapting paper bags instead of plastic bags.
Café Bonjour is committed to providing sustainable spaces that reduce carbon footprint and are safer for the environment.


Easy to order

We understand that you have places to be. This is why our services are fast and responsive.
Have a quick stop at Café Bonjour and get powered up for the day.


We are excited to have you.