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01/06/2015 Press release


It has come to our notice that some of our customers are getting defrauded or cheated by some miscreants/touts parading themselves as pump attendants working for Total around our service station vicinities.  These touts sell PMS (petrol) above the pump official approved price of N87 per litre.

We wish to clearly state the following:

1.       Total Nigeria Plc does not use third parties to sell petrol (PMS) to customers at  any of its stations.

2.       Total Nigeria Plc sells petrol (PMS) at N87/lts as officially approved by the Government in all its stations nationwide as displayed on the rice board and dispensing pumps.

3.       The Government has directed that sales of petrol (PMS) into jerry cans should be stopped effort with.

We implore our dear customer’s to desist from patronizing touts.  We advise all customers to duly report any TOTAL station or pump attendant selling above the official approved price. 

TOTAL’s authorized pump customer attendants all wear name tags and can be easily identified.

Please contact us for  any complaints/enquiries or suggestions, via any of the following platforms/channels.


1.       On Twitter - @TotalNigeria

2.       On Facebook – TotalNigeria

3.       On your mobile phone – or call 0800-CALLTOTAL

4.       On the web  - or

We thank all customers for the continuous patronage of our products and services.

We are Committed to Better Energy.

Mabuyaku Albert.

Corporate Affairs Manager,

TOTAL Nigeria Plc.