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Transmission Axle 7 80W-90 extreme pressure mineral transmission fluid is for highly loaded gears (axles, final drives, transfer cases, gearboxes) when an API GL-5 level of performance is required.

It is especially recommended for highly loaded hypoid gears, with standard drain interval and is also suitable for applications requesting a MIL-L-2105D level of performance.


  • High extreme-pressure properties for an optimal protection of heavily loaded gears against scuffing.
  • Excellent antiwear, anticorrosion and antirust protection. resistant against thermal ageing and excellent shear stability.
  • Formulated with pour point depressant additives allowing good low temperature fluidity when starting in winter.


Comes in 205L Drums


Transmission and Gear Oils for Cars

Transmission Axle 7 85W-140

This Transmission fluid