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05/11/2018 Event


Because ideas need energy to become something great, Total launches the 2nd edition of the Startupper Challenge in nearly 60 countries around the world.
In Nigeria’s first edition, Total Nigeria rewarded three young entrepreneurs: 

Opeyemi Owosho
His company manufactures Cooking Gas Table-Top stoves that guarantee your safety.

Uzoma Eleke
Her company produces industrial  combustibles from  organic waste.

Nwachinemere Emeka
His company uses cheap and affordable emerging technology to create market access for African farmers

Again, the Challenge targets every young local entrepreneur with an innovative project or idea that could make things change in their country. After several selection steps, our local jury will nominate three winners and the Top Female Entrepreneur Award.

The three winners will get the 2019 STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR Award, along with financial support, exposure and coaching for their project. 

Become Startupper of the Year!