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15/08/2016 Event


With the financial support of Solar Nigeria and in partnership with Murtala Muhammed Foundation (MMF), Awango Resellers’ Club (ARC) was launched in Nigeria. Since its launch in March, over 100 members have been recruited, trained and empowered to be Awango by Total Ambassadors in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos and now recently Adamawa state.

ARC is an economic empowerment program where beneficiaries receive Awango by Total solar lamps on credit to start their businesses alongside free accessories. They are given ample time to gradually pay back the startup capital invested while making their profit. Subsequently, another set of beneficiaries also get empowered under this program through this revolving fund. 

The MMF-TOTAL Entrepreneurial Training Program for Adamawa ARC members was held at Shagari Royal Guest House, on Monday August 15, 2016. The training was immensely impactful and successful. A total of 25 participants were trained in all.

The Entrepreneurial training session was anchored by Mr. Niyi Onabanjo, National Program Coordinator of MMF. Participants were taught the concept of business, entrepreneurship, time management, business ethics, business set-up, technology in business and resources management.

Participants were also given an extensive technical training on the features, functions, durability and cost effectiveness of opting for and using Awango by Total solar lamps. This section was led by Mr. A. A. Dangambo, Total Nigeria Plc’s Retail Service Executive for Yola, Adamawa. He highlighted and demonstrated the fact that the lamps are powered by solar energy and do not need electricity to operate.


ARSMEP Yola 2016

Cross Section of Participants after MMF-TOTAL Entrepreneurial Training Program